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About Your Co-op

Portage la Prairie Co-op is here to serve our members with products and services that help build, feed and fuel individuals and communities. We are a different kind of business; being member-owned means that any profits are returned to our members and stay in the local economy. We live where you live, work where you work and help grow the economy right here. We are your neighbours, and we make sustainable investments in the communities we share.

Portage la Prairie Co-op Vision and Mission Statement

"Vision" is a long-term view, describing how the organization aspires to be in the world in which it operates.  Portage la Prairie Co-op's vision is a future-oriented statement set by the Board of Directors that is designed to guide the organization for the next ten years.  Our vision statement for Portage la Prairie Co-op is:

"To be a Leader through Innovation and Excellence in Customer Service"

The "Mission Statement" is a description of the fundamental purpose of an organization, describing why it exists and what it does to achieve its vision.

"To provide sustainable growth for our members, employees and communities."

"Values" Portage la Prairie Co-op will continually work towards achieving it's vision and mission through it's corporate values.  The Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) has identified the corporate values for the Co-operative Federation as:

  Integrity, Excellence, Responsibility.

"Aspiration Statement"

At Portage Co-op, our members/customers feel at home because we are part of the communities we serve. We develop our Directors and team members to become effective leaders. We remain relevant through innovation and implementing change. We use our financial strength to provide sustainable growth for our members and employees.